What is E RUPI ~ E RUPI kya hai

From 2021, under the Government of India, RBI has issued a new currency called e-Rupee. Today we are going to find out What is Rupee? That is What is RUPI? Inside this article on this website. E-Rupee has been launched to eliminate corruption in India, eliminate black currency, reduce it, work better towards India’s progress.

So in today’s article we are going to know with proper and very detailed details What is Rupee? About that What is rupee? to be more Benefits E Rs , some people say E rupee and some people E rupee. We must remember that there is no difference between E Rupee and E Rupee, rather the proper name is E Rupee. Because Government of India It is displayed on its website under the name E-Rupee.

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What is Rupee?

As far as What is Rupee? For information, you should know that there are two types of currency, one is digital currency and the other is real currency. Real currency is the currency that we can hold in our hand like Indian currency. A digital currency that we cannot hold in our hands but can only see as an application and money lying in the bank. Therefore, the digital currency will remain in E-rupees only.

What is Rupee?
What is Rupee?

Like when you pay the other person using Paytm application, that payment is called digital payment, that means you have paid the other person, not in real but in the form of digital currency. So the overall digital currency is untouchable which is saved in the application itself. Hence it is called a digital currency which is linked to the e-rupee.

I am saying this because eRupee is an application where you can deposit money in the form of digital currency like we deposit in Paytm, phone pay application. What happens in E-Rupee is that just like you keep some Indian notes in your pocket, the money stays in an application called E-Rupee, just like you keep money in your home or pocket.

You may know that the money deposited in Paytm earns interest after some time or it depreciates somewhere against the dollar. But not so in this e form. Because the money deposited in E-Rupee will remain the same even if it is withdrawn after one year or many years. E Rupee will not bear any interest or increase in value.

Why was E RUPI launched in India?

E-Rupee was launched to eliminate the need to print Indian Rupee notes. In India, notes are printed in large quantities, which also increases the cost. No need to print these notes, cost is low, fake notes do not enter the market, for this reason e-Rupee was launched. After the launch of this e-rupee, the government will henceforth print less amount of notes, which will reduce the cost and virtually stop counterfeiting in India.

At the same time, because of e-rupees, people will use e-rupees as cash as they hold cash. The government is making arrangements to keep e-rupee in offline mode so that it can be used without internet. With the help of applications like Paytm, Phone Pay, you can take or give payments only if the application is connected to the Internet. So E-Rupee will be made in such a way that it can be used without internet, so that people can use it like digital cash and customers don’t have to depend on internet.

Advantages of E Rupee

  1. After the launch of the e-rupee, the number of notes printed will decrease, making the notes less visible in India.
  2. With the introduction of e-rupee, fewer rupee notes will have to be printed, thereby reducing costs.
  3. E-Rupee will work without internet in future.
  4. E-Rupee can be used like digital cash.
  5. The value of money kept in e-rupees will neither increase nor decrease in value, which means that the value of the rupee will remain the same.
  6. E rupee has no relation to dollar currency.
  7. With the introduction of e-rupees, black money will decrease.
  8. The introduction of e-Rupee will reduce the chances of getting fake notes.
  9. E-Rupee will be used in all government offices, from office to other government places in the near future.
  10. It will scan QR code like e-Rupee payment application.


  1. You will not earn any interest or change in value on money not deposited in e-Rupee.
  2. Using eRupee will be easier compared to Paytm, phone pay application.

My opinion about E RUPI

If I tell E Rupi my point, Indian government wants to promote digital currency in this country so that people don’t use real currency. While on one hand some people make fake notes and send them to the market using real currency, on the other hand this will also reduce black money. But the biggest advantage is that if this e-rupee is launched, the need to print notes will be reduced.

So this Website inside”What is Rupee?In this article, we have told you many things like What is Rupee? That is What is E Rupee? And Benefits of Rs Deficiencies of E Rupee from to. I am sure you are well aware of what E RUPIE stands for and about it as we have tried to explain it in as simple words as possible. So that you can use the internet now What is Rupee? No need to know anything about it.

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