Sony unveils PlayStation VR2 price tag and release date

After almost two years of drip-feeding us details, Sony has finally revealed the last tidbits of info we needed about the PlayStation VR2 – the price and the release date. The cherry on top is a slew of new games to try to entice us to it.

Sony will drop the PS VR2 on February 22, 2023, and it’ll cost US$549.99 at launch. The pack will include the PS VR2 headset, a pair of the Sense motion controllers that Sony outlined last year, and stereo headphones. There’s also a bundle that comes with a download code for the game Horizon Call of the Mountain, for $599.99.

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That might be a hard sell for some people when you realize that it costs more than the PlayStation 5 console itself, but stacked up against other VR headsets it’s not too bad – it’s only 50 bucks more than the Meta Quest 2, and far more powerful.

Plus it’s only about a third of the price of the Meta Quest Pro or half the price of the Vive Pro 2, which have comparable specs. Sony also unveiled a charging station for the Sense controllers, which will run you $49.99. One nice touch is that this can be plugged into a regular outlet, so it won’t hog all the USB ports on your PS5.

So what will we be playing on this pricey accessory? In addition to previously announced titles like Horizon Call of the Mountain and Resident Evil Village, 11 new PS VR2 games releasing in 2023 have just been unveiled. And it looks like a good mix of genres and styles – shooter fans can choose from the competitive Crossfire: Sierra Squad and the co-op After the Fall. There’s the MMO Zenith, the roguelike puzzle-shooter The Light Brigade, the rhythm shooter Pistol Whip, or the horror roller-coaster-shooter Switchback VR.

Put on your urban planner hat with Cities VR – Enhanced Edition. More stealthy players can solve puzzles in a psycho’s basement in Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue, or escape dinosaurs in Jurassic World Aftermath Collection. And more family-friendly titles include Tentacular and Cosmonious High.

Preorders for the PS VR2 will begin on November 15.

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