Protest against Sourav Joshi Vlogs

Protest by Sourav Joshi – The keyword of the name is going viral on the internet as slogans like “Saurav Joshi Murdabad” were being raised against Saurav Joshi today. For information, let me tell you that Saurav Joshi was mostly hated by some kind, but today he has grown a lot. He is getting this hate because of the video that was released a few days ago. So this Website In this article I am going to tell you Protest by Sourav Joshi With detailed news in this article.

Protest by Sourav Joshi

It so happened that a few days ago Saurav Joshi uploaded a video and the title of the video was “Important video with the police, in this video Saurav Joshi says that people are recognizing Haldwani and Uttarakhand because of him and the city is trending a lot. Earlier most people did not know about Uttarakhand and Haldwani and now because of him i.e. Sourav Joshi they are getting to know. Saurav Joshi and his family live in Haldwani in Uttarakhand and because of him most of the people must have heard the names of Haldwani and Uttarakhand many times.

Protest by Sourav Joshi
Protest by Sourav Joshi

But he said in his video that places called Uttarakhand and Haldwani came into limelight only because of Saurav Joshi. By saying this, many people got angry and even marched against it. They made an effigy of Saurav Joshi and blew it up and chanted “Saurav Joshi Murdabad” against him. Just saying a small thing has turned this thing into a mess. Residents of Haldwani and Uttarakhand, in particular, were visibly angry.

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Sourav Joshi’s Protest – My Opinion

Saurav Joshi also said in a video that many try to say those words carefully so that they don’t cause confusion or offend people. But by mistake he said some words that caused many people to show displeasure. If I put my point across, Saurav Joshi has not said this intentionally or looking at this incident he has no pride in his heart.

Saurav Joshi had recently said that Haldwani and Uttarakhand have become very popular these days and people have taken it in a wrong direction. Words spoken towards a man can be taken in the right direction as well as in the wrong direction. Saurav Joshi simply said that Uttarakhand and Haldwani are becoming very popular and people are angry because of this.

I don’t think Saurav Joshi meant to say that, but he was saying that and how did he know that people would take the issue elsewhere. How long will it take to see? Protest by Sourav Joshi The trial will continue. I think Sourav Joshi is going to remove that part from this video which disgusts him so much. As soon as we Protest by Sourav Joshi If I get any information about it, I will keep updating this article.

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