LG Display shows off stretchable, high-definition display

Foldable, rollable and bendable displays are beginning to appear in electronics, but now we’ve had a glimpse at a new take on the idea. LG Display has unveiled the first high-definition display that can be stretched, twisted and folded during use.

The company’s prototype is a 12-inch display made of a type of silicon used in contact lenses, to form a flexible film-like substrate with micro LEDs as a light source. It packs a resolution of 100 pixels per inch (ppi), which is about that of many monitors and TVs, and displays in full-color RGB.

Like other stretchable electronics, the wires inside have S shapes instead of a straight line, allowing them to continue channeling electricity even while being stretched or compressed. In this case, the display can be stretched to an extra 20% of its initial length, or an extra 2 inches (5 cm). That’s not a whole lot, given previous attempts like that from Royole reported 130% stretchability, but that company has only made a smaller, lower-resolution prototype so far.

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We’ve previously seen phones with foldable displays, TVs that can be rolled up out of sight when not in use, and monitors that can be manually bent to different angles. LG Display’s new stretchable screen could find use in these kinds of applications too, as well as wearable displays, or being attached to curved surfaces like vehicles, aircraft, furniture, or many other things.

LG Display’s stretchable display tech still has some room for improvement, but that will no doubt come during the commercialization process.

Source: LG Display


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