Hasbro will soon put your 3D-printed face on an action

When you played with action figures as a kid, you probably tried picturing yourself having the same adventures that they were having. Well, doing so is about to become easier than ever, as Hasbro is offering to a put a 3D-printed miniature copy of your face on one of its figures.

Called the Hasbro Selfie Series project, the endeavour is a collaboration between the toy manufacturer and 3D printing company Formlabs. It began life several years ago as a contest in which five winners received action figures with their faces on them. Now, anyone in the US will soon be able to get one of their own.

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Customers will start by downloading the Hasbro Pulse app, and will then use it to scan their face, select their hair color, and select their preferred six-inch (152-mm) action figure – they’ll be able to choose between characters from the Star Wars, Marvel, Ghostbusters and GI Joe lineups.

Once their data has been submitted, Formlabs will proceed to 3D print a tiny version of their face out of a resin developed specifically for the project. Along with being able to reproduce a variety of skin and hair colors, the material is skin-safe, and offers stiffness and strength similar those of polypropylene.

The face will subsequently be mounted on the body of an otherwise-standard action figure, which will then be shipped to the customer. While that person could play with it, let’s be honest – most of them will probably keep it safely sealed in its box.

The process will begin with a smartphone-scan of the customer's face The process will begin with a smartphone-scan of the customer’s face


Hasbro says it will start accepting orders this Fall (Northern Hemisphere), and will at least initially only be offering the service to US-based customers – prospective buyers can register for updates via the Selfie Series website. Each custom-faced action figure will sell for $60.

There’s more information in the following video.

UPDATE (Sept. 26, 2022): The Hasbro Selfie Series figures are now available, at a price of $79.99

Hasbro Selfie Series: Make Anyone a Hero With 3D Printing

Source: Formlabs via Engadget


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