Faces of Football: Mexico

Dear Mexican national team, 

To my dear and beloved Mexican national team, and to each of the players, I want to tell you that it is an honour to follow you. 

Through the good times and the bad times, you will always have the best fans in the world supporting you. I, your biggest fan, want to tell you that we will never stop supporting you with enthusiasm, momentum and joy, always. 

I ask you with all my heart that you go to Qatar to represent us with responsibility and respect, without trauma or taboos, go with an open mind and be ready to compete with heart and soul. To show the other teams and the whole world that we want to lift the cup and succeed in the world sport of soccer.

We want to tell the world that Mexicans not only excel individually,  but want to achieve as a group the triumphs that this beautiful country deserves.

Let’s share with the world our  songs like ‘cielito bonito’, ‘la ola’, ‘el chiquiti bum a la bim bom ba’. Let the walls of those magnificent Doha stadiums that await us rumble with the sounds of our singing as we look to make history.

Each one of you, each player is dedicated to showing up, to train, to plan and practice every day, to be better and to be great. I want to tell you that on the pitch, it’s 11 against 11, and now that they will have the opportunity to play, I want them to remember that, for our Mexico, you must be strong of mind and soul. Never feel less than other teams and other players who do exactly the same as you every day.

To our coach and leader of the squad, I want to tell him that he must follow his strategy until the end, defend it and apply it so that there is no doubt and uncertainty of the pressures that are heard and feared so much when being in position and in that situation. May your heart become tricolor with green, white and red.

We trust your many years of experience and your work of the past, but we remind you that this is the present that differentiates us and gives us honor and glory, do not let us down.

Our hope lies with you Gerardo Daniel Martino. 

On the other hand, we have always sworn well to your national team, although without luck, for the same reason we trust that you can make history and be honored by 125 million Mexicans.

Just remember, yes we can! Si se puede! 


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